Out with the old in with the new

The “MusrROOT” have been used successfully for storing LEM data for many years. Since last year, all bulk muSR data have also been written in the new “MusrROOT” format, which offers many advantages including high time resolution, unlimited histogram length, well organized and modern structure providing a more complete information about experimental setup. This brings us one step closer to operating all muSR facilities at PSI using a single data acquisition system (DAQ) and the same data format. Therefor, starting November 2023, the search and fit tools on musruser.psi.ch will not support the old “PSI-BIN” and “PSI-MDU” formats. We recommend that all our users also avoid using these formats and adjust their software to work with “MusrROOT“.

New Musrfit Parameter Plotter

Emil Zaya, a summer student at LMU/PSI, has created a new web application that allows users to plot the parameters obtained from musrfit.cgi directly on the browser, without the need to download the data. This brings us one step closer to being able to perform full muSR data analysis using a web browser and without the need to install any additional software on the user’s computer.

Try it out here: http://musruser.psi.ch/MusrPlot/ or via the link provided when you fit your data.

New TrimSP web application

The TrimSP.cgi will be phase out and replaced by a new JavaScript version which is identical to the stand alone desktop version. New features include:

  • Almost two-fold speed increase
  • Addition of newly evaluated stopping power coefficients (thanks to Ryan McFadden). See “Other Parameters” tab to use this option. Further details can be found here.
  • Better presentation of the data and figures.

Please give it a try and share any problems, issues or suggestions for improvements.

musruser gets a facelift

The musruser.psi.ch website have been upgraded to use WordPress.

Please feel free to use the comments to share idea, comment on musruse.psi.ch and suggest new feature and tools.